Featured Musician

Amalia Zeitlin, Principal 2nd Violin


EMPLOYMENT OUTSIDE OF EPSO: NMSU Masters Student of Music, violinist in Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra, violinist and Executive Director of Camerata Del Sol, private violin teacher, and freelance violinist and vocalist

OTHER ARTS GROUPS YOU PERFORM WITH: Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Del Sol, and Vox Vallis Women's Ensemble.

HOBBIES: cooking, reading, singing, attending concerts, hiking, conversing in interesting conversations, and traveling as much as possible!

PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW THAT: I am the granddaughter of Zvi Zeitlin, a 20th century concert violinist who performed Lalo's Symphonie Espagnol, Op. 21 with the El Paso Symphony Orchestra in the year 1958. It makes me proud to continue his legacy of violin playing, including by playing instruments and bows that belonged to him.

Orchestra Staff

LeAnn Isaac
Michael Way
Leslee Way

Steve Ligorio
Lu Padula


Shannon Fitzhenry, Concertmaster
Stephannie Meyers, Associate Concertmaster
Brigid McCarthy, Assistant Concertmaster
Cristina Leony
Sylvia Blair
Vanessa Cedillos
Stephen Nordtrom
Leslee Way
Diana Gilliland
Allegra Artis
Ana Maria Quintero

Amalia Zeitlin, Principal
Eric Sewell, Assistant Principal
LeAnn Isaac
Elizabeth Zamora
Adria Dunn
Cindy Cabada
Nancy Morey
Shelly Wood
Anita Steadman
Jose Rios

Lora Stone-Ortega, Principal
Susan Hernandez, Assistant Principal
Mara Arredondo
Monica Arredondo
Jessica Lane
Chris Lanier
Guillermo Quezada
Ray Arreolla

James Carney, Principal
Claudia Encarnacion, Assistant Principal
Nathan Black
Alicia Dolan
Rodrigo Maldonado
Erin Eyles Espinoza
Hyerim Mapp
Elizabeth Purvis

Ian Narlock, Principal
Robert Taylor, Assistant Principal
William Scholten
Darrell Downey
Tyler Valadez
Erick Rios

Melissa Colgin-Abeln, Principal
Joy Zalkind (Piccolo)
Esther Fredrickson

Janie Sanchez, Principal
Andrea Shaheen Espinosa
Jennifer Bernard (English Horn)

David Ross, Principal
Marianne Schiffrin
Annah Aquino-Chavarria

Cara Luffey, Principal
Diego Delgado
Stephanie Przblyska

Richard Lambrecht, Principal
Nancy Joy
John Groves, Assistant Principal
Mary Mendez
Kimberly Beasley

Nancy Taylor, Principal
Kenny Capshaw, Assistant Principal
Paul McLaughlin

Sander Schiller, Principal
Jan Zubeck
John Feeny

Clinton J. Sims, Principal

Hope Cowan (October Concert)
Emily Mitchell (November Concert)

Dena Kay Jones, Principal

Larry White, Principal

Leandro Valenzuela, Principal
Deborah Eichholz Lain
Mark Saenz